Simple present tense

Simple Present Tense (Definition, Formula, Worksheet, And 100+ Examples)

The simple present tense is the basic tense in English. 

This post will discuss its definition, rules, structures, and examples of the simple present tense in various contexts. 

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Simple Present 

Infographic for the simple present tense

What Is Simple Present Tense?

The simple present tense is the most common verb tense. 

It expresses facts, habitual actions, general truths, future plans, and actions happening now. 

It’s also called simple present or present simple tense. 

When using the present simple tense in English, some adverbs of frequency are also used (such as always, often, sometimes, never, and every day).

When We Use Simple Present Tense

The simple present tense is used to express the following:

1. Habitual actions (I walk to work every day.)

2. Routines (I watch TV every evening after dinner.)

3. Facts or truths (She lives in London.)

4. General truths (The earth revolves around the sun.)

5. Scheduled events, fixed arrangements, and promises (I have a party this Friday.)

6. States of being (I am tired.)

7. Sequence of actions in the present (I brush my teeth, then I have breakfast.)

8. Emotions, moods, and sensations (I feel happy today!)

9. Actions happening at the moment of speaking (I am here.)

Simple Present Tense

A sentence in simple present tense has two basic parts: the subject, which can be a noun, pronoun, or noun phrase, and the predicate, which can be a verb or a verb phrase.

Simple Present Tense Formula

Subject + verb (base form) + (object/the rest of the sentence)

Note that the base form is the infinitive without “to.”


  • live in New York. 
  • We work in an office. (third-person singular form)
  • She goes to school at 8:00 a.m. (third-person singular form)
  • The sun shines brightly on us today. (third-person singular form)

Simple Present Tense Structures

Positive SentencesNegative SentencesInterrogative Sentences 
I am a student.I am not a student.Am I a student?/Are you a student?
She has a sister.She doesn’t have a sister.Does she have a sister?
He goes to school every day.He doesn’t go to school every day.Does he go to school every day?
They live in London.They don’t live in London.Do they live in London?
It is a tree.It isn’t a tree.Is it a tree?

100 Sentences Of Simple Present Tense

Looking for examples of simple present tense? Below are 100 sentences, including positive, negative, and interrogative sentences. 

20 Sentences In Simple Present Tense

1. She walks to school. 

2. I study English online every day.

3. He is a doctor.

4. They are brothers and sisters.

5. We live in Delhi.

6. She likes chocolate cake.

7. You are my best friend.

8. The dog barks all night long.

9. We have a hamster named Fluffy.

10. Do you like ice cream?

11. I am not happy.

12. Are you an artist?

13. Do you go to the gym?

14. He isn’t a student.

15. Do you work in a bank?

16. She has a cat.

17. He speaks English well.

18. She doesn’t work in the kitchen.

19. Does Mary like to read books?

20. She does not eat meat.

10 Examples Of Simple Present Tense Sentences

1. My puppy is cute.

2. The sun rises in the east and sets in the west.

3. I play tennis with my brother.

4. It doesn’t work.

5. He likes pizza.

6. She studies English at school. 

7. He is an intelligent person.

8. I eat an apple every day.

9. We travel to London every year.

10. Does he eat breakfast every morning?

25 Simple Present Tense Sentences (Affirmative)

1. I come from England.

2. She sings very well.

3. We spend our holidays on the beach every year.

4. He speaks English fluently.

5. I learn English by myself.

6. He always goes jogging every day after work.

7. My favorite movie is Titanic.

8. I am a businessman.

9. I want to go to the beach.

10. He likes playing football with his friends.

11. She has a husband, two kids, and two dogs.

12. My brother and I play video games every weekend.

13. We eat breakfast together every morning before school starts.

14. I love you.

15. My name is John Smith.

16. You have a lot of money.

17. I live in a small apartment.

18. He learns 20 new words every day.

19. You have many friends.

20. He writes a book every year.

21. My favorite subject is science.

22. She plays the piano.

23. We run for miles every day.

24. I take care of my baby brother all day long.

25. My parents travel around the world once a year.

25 Simple Present Tense Sentences (Negative)

1. I don’t have a car.

2. He does not have a dog.

3. She does not have a cat.

4. We don’t have a house in the country.

6. You don’t have any money left in your bank account.

7. We don’t like vegetables.

8. You don’t want to go outside today.

9. Our dog doesn’t eat meat.

10. She doesn’t like to wash the dishes.

11. We don’t live in California anymore.

12. I don’t like to eat fruit.

13. She doesn’t play tennis very often.

14. I don’t like to work on weekends.

15. Jane doesn’t read novels during the day.

16. I do not believe in ghosts.

17. He does not watch TV at night.

18. We do not drink coffee in the morning.

19. We do not eat junk food.

20. My mother doesn’t exercise at night.

21. She doesn’t drink coffee.

22. We don’t play sports.

23. He doesn’t like music, especially classical music.

24. The dog does not bark at strangers.

25. I work at an office.

20 Present Simple Interrogative Sentences

1. Does she have a dog?

2. Why do you study English?

3. Are you hungry?

4. What color is your hair?

5. How much does this cost?

6. Where do you live?

7. Do you like to watch movies?

8. Do you have a job?

9. How old is she?

10. Do they live in this house?

11. Is it a good idea?

12. Why Is Learning English Important?

13. Where is the library?

14. Do you like animals?

15. Does he like music?

16. Why do you like cats?

17. Who does your hair?

18. Where are you from?

19. Why is he so late?

20. What time does it start?

Simple Present Tense Exercise

In this worksheet, you will practice using the simple present tense. Fill in each blank with a form of the verb given.

Download this FREE simple present tense worksheet.

Example: We ___(to have) a cat and a dog.

We have a cat and a dog.

1. I ___(to talk) to my mother on the phone every day.

2. ______You _____ (to go) to school by bus or train?

3. My brother ___(to eat) his dinner quickly before he leaves for work.

4. My dog ___(to sleep) in front of the fireplace at night to stay warm and cozy.

5. The children ___(play) outside until it gets dark, then they come inside to watch TV or play on their computers until bedtime.

6. _______She _____ (to work) in the garden every Saturday morning?

7. He / She___(to play) football every day after school.

8. He / She / It ___(not exist) anymore because he died last year after being ill for many years.

9. We _______ (to play) video games with our friends after school.

10. You _______(to study) at university.

Answers: 1. talk 2. Do, go 3. eats 4. sleeps 5. play 6. Does, work 7. plays 8. doesn’t exist 9. play 10. study

Download this FREE simple present tense worksheet.

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