Present continuous tense examples with pictures

Present Continuous Tense: Definition, Rules, 50 Examples, And Worksheet

As you may remember, we talked about the present simple tense in our last lesson. Today we’ll learn the present continuous tense to help you communicate better

The present continuous tense is one of the most useful tenses in English. It has a wide range of uses.

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What Is Present Continuous Tense?

The present continuous tense is a verb tense that describes an ongoing action in the present moment or something in progress. 

It’s also called “present progressive” and “present continuous.” 

Present Continuous Tense

Present Continuous Tense Formula

Luckily, the present continuous tense has a simple structure.

Form: Subject + be (am/is/are) + verb+ -ing (present participle)

I am having dinner now. 

Examples Of Present Continuous Tense

  • I am working. 
  • You are sleeping. 
  • She is walking to school. 

When To Use The Present Continuous Tense

The present continuous tense is used to express actions that are happening now, situations that are changing, longer actions in progress, or actions (that are planned and) will/will not happen in the near future.

It’s also used to express repetition and irritation. 

Here are some examples:

When To Use The Present Continuous Tense Examples
Action happening nowI am walking to work.
Action happening at the moment of speakingI am watching TV right now.
Longer action in progressI am studying English at school.
Planned actionShe is coming home next Monday.
Action will not happen in the near futureHe is not coming to the party tomorrow.
Changing situationI am getting better at speaking English.
Repetition and irritationHe is always complaining about his boss.

Present Continuous Tense Sentences

50 Sentences Of Present Continuous Tense

1. The student is working hard for the exam.

2. He is sleeping in class.

3. You are speaking loudly in the library.

5. The dog is barking at the postman now.

6. She is wearing her new dress to school today.

7. We are reading our lessons well in class today.

8. She is always talking about herself.

9. You are making a cake.

10. We’re having dinner with my parents tonight.

11. They are playing football in the park.

12. She is listening to music.

13. We are talking on the phone.

14. I am sitting here.

15. I am cleaning my room right now.

16. You are eating chips now.

17. She is having a bath now.

18. They are going to the shopping mall now.

19. I am not doing my homework now.

20. They are talking about their new products.

21. You are not doing any work today.

22. It’s raining right now

23. She is brushing her teeth.

24. She is sitting on a chair.

25. He is visiting his relatives in New York this weekend.

26. I am making my bed.

27. You are eating ice cream.

28. He is playing basketball with his friends.

29. I am studying for my IELTS exam.

30. I am having breakfast with my husband.

31. You are talking with your neighbors about the weather conditions.

32. My father is repairing my bike.

33. I am thinking about you.

34. They are looking for a house to rent in Barcelona, Spain.

35. My brother is painting his room.

What Are 5 Examples Of Present Continuous?

1. My dog is jumping up and down.

2. We are going on vacation next week.

3. They are working on their project all day long this week.

4. The baby is crying.

5. He is playing tennis with his friends this afternoon.

What Are 10 Examples Of Present Continuous?

1. I am studying English.

2. We are watching a movie.

3. She is sleeping.

4. He is waiting for his friend.

5. He is swimming in the ocean.

6. She is writing an essay on Shakespeare’s Hamlet at this moment.

7. You are watching TV right now.

8. We are studying English grammar at present.

9. We’re building a new house next year. 

10. They’re growing vegetables in our garden this summer. 

When Not To Use The Present Continuous Tense

Some verbs don’t fit into the present continuous tense and should not be used with it. 

These verbs are called stative verbs.

Stative verbs are non-action verbs (such as understand, want, and know) that describe a state or condition. They do not imply movement or change and cannot be used in a continuous form. 

I understand you. (I am understanding you.)

She wants a hamburger. (She is wanting a hamburger.)

I know my address. (I am knowing my address.)

Present Continuous Tense Exercises

Download This Present Continuous Tense Worksheet For Free.

Choose the correct form of the verb in parentheses.

(+) 1. What is she doing? She _________ (eat). 

(+) 2. I _________ (have) a headache right now.

(+) 3. _________ she _________ (play) football?

(+) 4. He _________ (draw) a picture of her dog, Rex.

(-) 5. He _________ (sleep) in his bed right now.

(+) 6. They _________ (swim) in the Olympic pool right now!

(+) 7. I _________ (live) in Thailand right now. 

(-) 8. The dog _________ (run).

(-) 9. Sarah _________ (watch) TV at the moment. 

(+) 10. The teacher _________ (explain) the situation to the students now.

Answers: 1. is eating 2. am having 3. Is, playing 4. is drawing 5. isn’t sleeping 6. are swimming 7. am living 8. isn’t running 9. isn’t watching 10. is explaining

Download This Present Continuous Tense Worksheet For Free.

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