Simple future tense

Simple Future Tense: Definition, Rules, Examples, And Worksheet PDF

We have already learned present simple tense, present continuous, and present perfect

Today we will talk about the simple future tense

Simple Future Tense

What Is Simple Future Tense?

The simple future tense is a verb tense used to describe actions that will take place in the future. The tense is also called the future simple.

Simple Future Tense Formula

The structure of simple future tense is as follows:

Subject + will + verb (base form) 


Subject + am/is/are + going to + verb (base form) 

Simple Future Tense Examples  

Positive I will write her a letter tomorrow. I am going to write her a letter tomorrow.
Negative I will not write her a letter tomorrow. I am not going to write her a letter tomorrow.
QuestionWill you write her a letter tomorrow? Are you going to write her a letter tomorrow?
AnswersYes, I will. Yes, I am.
No, I will not. No, I am not.

We can use the following contractions with simple future tense:

I will = I’ll

We will = We’ll

You will = You’ll

They will = They’ll

He/She/It will = He/She/It’ll

Will not = won’t

When To Use Simple Future Tense

No.When to Use Simple Future TenseExamples Of Simple Future Tense 
1.Things that will happen in the futureWe will go on vacation next week.
2.PromiseI won’t tell anyone what happened tonight!
3.PredictionI think it will rain today. 
4.Conditional sentenceIf I see her, I’ll tell her.
5.Instant decisionI will have some water, please.
6.OfferI will help you.
7.RequestWill you give me the report?
8.GuessI think it will be sunny tomorrow.
9.ThreatI will kill you. 

Check out this movie clip and find out how many sentences of simple future tense have been used.


  1. If you let my daughter go now, that’ll be the end of it.
  2. I will not look for you.
  3. I will not pursue you.
  4. But if you don’t, I will look for you. 
  5. I will find you, and I will kill you.

100 Sentences Of Simple Future Tense

What are the 5 examples of Simple future tense?

  1. She will call me tomorrow.
  2. He is not going to run tomorrow morning.
  3. We will buy a new car next month.
  4. He will not help us with our project
  5. I am going to write a letter.

What are the 10 examples of simple future tense?

  1. Will you be here on Friday?
  2. I’m going to the bank after work.
  3. You’ll see her later today!
  4. I am going to eat more vegetables this year.
  5. She will start her new job next week.
  6. We are going to take our dog for a walk after dinner tonight.
  7. I will call the police.
  8. You will not be able to go out tonight.
  9. He will get the job done quickly.
  10. We will buy a new car next year.

Simple Future Tense Sentences

Positive Sentences

  1. She will bring her own lunch tomorrow.
  2. They will go on vacation next week.
  3. I will go to Europe next year.
  4. They will buy a house next week.
  5. We will have a meeting tomorrow.
  6. You will see your parents again in two weeks.
  7. I will send you an email later today.
  8. I will go to school tomorrow.
  9. He will eat a sandwich for lunch today.
  10. We will have some cake after dinner tonight.
  11. You will be a millionaire.
  12. You will be a famous actor.
  13. I will drop my children at school tomorrow morning.
  14. We will go to the park after school today.
  15. You will receive a letter from your friend tomorrow morning.
  16. My parents will visit me next month.
  17. He will go hiking with his friends next weekend.
  18. We are going to study English this afternoon.
  19. I am going to the store.
  20. I am going to finish my homework before dinner tonight.
  21. I am going to post an ad on Craigslist.
  22. We are going to move out of this apartment next month.
  23. He is going to get promoted next year.
  24. I am going to study.
  25. I am going to sleep for an hour.
  26. You are going to be late.
  27. They’re going to have a party tonight at their house.
  28. We are going to learn English next year.
  29. I will call you tonight. 

Negative Sentences

  1. You will not arrive early tomorrow morning.
  2. I will not go out with you.
  3. He will not make a mistake again.
  4. She will not call the police.
  5. We will not be late for the meeting tomorrow night.
  6. I won’t talk with my friends today. 
  7. They won’t go to school today. 
  8. I won’t eat the cake.
  9. We will not meet in the city tomorrow evening.
  10. He will not go to the cinema with his wife this afternoon.
  11. Mary will not eat chocolate.
  12. She will not take the train to Paris this summer.
  13. I won’t go to the movies tonight.
  14. He will not be happy about this.
  15. The dog won’t bite you.
  16. John and Mary aren’t going to the party tonight.
  17. She won’t play tennis with me today.
  18. We will be home at six o’clock this evening.
  19. The baby won’t cry if you pick her up.
  20. They won’t watch TV on Saturday night.
  21. I will not follow him.
  22. He will not go there.
  23. We will not eat meat today.
  24. I won’t pick up your phone.
  25. You won’t see me until tomorrow.
  26. He will not invite us to his house.
  27. She will not forget my birthday.
  28. He won’t make his bed tomorrow morning.


  1. Will you be home by seven o’clock?
  2. Will you come here tomorrow?
  3. Are you going to school tomorrow?
  4. Will you be back in time for dinner?
  5. Will he take a vacation?
  6. What will you do tomorrow?
  7. Will you go to the party with me?
  8. When will they arrive?
  9. Where will they go after this?
  10. How long will it take us to get there?
  11. Will you help me with my homework?
  12. Will you come?
  13. Is she going to the grocery store tomorrow?
  14. Will you read the book?
  15. Will he play basketball today?
  16. Will she clean her room?
  17. Will they be late for school?
  18. How long will you stay in the hotel?
  19. Will you go shopping with me on Saturday?
  20. Are you going to attend this event?
  21. Will we have time to get that done?
  22. Will you be here tomorrow?
  23. When are you going to return my book?
  24. Will you call me later? 
  25. When are you going to come back?
  26. How long will it take to get there?
  27. Will you help me?
  28. Will it rain tonight?

Simple Future Tense Worksheet

Download the simple future tense worksheet with answers.

Fill in the blanks with the future tense of the verbs in brackets.

1. She _________ (go) to school tomorrow.

2. We _________ (meet) our friends at 11 o’clock at the station.

3. You _________ (buy) a new car next week, won’t you?

4. We _________ (paint) the house next month if we have time.

5. They _________ (not eat) anything today as they are on a diet!

6. That dog _________ (bark) all night long if we do not give it some food soon!

7. He _________ (go) to the store after class.

8. I _________ (eat) dinner when we get home from school today.

9. He _________ (come) over to see you tomorrow at 8 pm.

10. _________ they _________ (build) another room next summer?

Answers: 1. will go 2. will meet 3. will buy 4. will paint 5. will not eat 6. will bark 7. will go 8. will eat 9. will come 10. Will, build

Download the simple future tense worksheet with answers.

Final Words

So there you have it. 

The simple future tense is easy to learn and use in everyday conversation. 

The best way to learn any new language is by using it. So try using this tense in your conversations with others and see how quickly those annoying grammar rules become second nature for you.

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