Importance of the English language in the 21st century

10 Reasons Why Learning English Is Important In Our Life

Learning English is an exciting challenge and one that can be incredibly rewarding. 

Whether you’re learning English for personal reasons or to increase your career opportunities, many perks come with the process of becoming bilingual.

Why Is Learning English Important?

Below are ten reasons why English is important to us.

10 Benefits Of Learning English

1. You Can Travel With Ease.

Perhaps you’ve been planning to travel overseas for years. Or maybe you just want to go on a road trip with your family and friends to a foreign country. 

Then learning English is an absolute must-have skill, as it will give you the freedom of speech and expression necessary to communicate with people in other countries.

Did you know there were around 1.5 billion people worldwide who spoke English either natively or as a second language in 2022 (Statista)?

So if you speak English fluently, you can better communicate with others, whether you’re booking a hotel room in Paris or ordering takeout in Shanghai.

Plus, it’s easier to understand other countries’ cultures and history—and that’s something every traveler should experience!

2. You Will Enjoy More Opportunities For Higher Education.

When it comes to higher education, English is the language of choice. 

If you want to study abroad or go on exchange programs, learning to speak, read, and write English will help you succeed at school.

In many countries, universities only accept students who can speak English well enough

For example, if you’re applying to an international university, they may require you to take an English proficiency test such as IELTS before accepting your application for admission.

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3. English Is The Language Of Business.

The world’s most dynamic and profitable businesses use English as their working language. 

If you want to expand your business beyond your local area or country, work in international trade, or even just participate in a meeting with your global supplier, then it would be wise to learn English.

4. You Can Watch Movies Without Subtitles.

This is one of the coolest benefits of learning English. 

English is the language of Hollywood. You don’t have to be a movie buff to know that. You might be surprised at how many movies you’ve seen in English without even realizing it.

Subtitles can be distracting and hard to read when you’re trying to follow a Hollywood blockbuster. And if they don’t match up precisely with what is being said on screen (which happens), it’s even more challenging. 

Learning English will improve your quality of life if you have been frustrated by not understanding what’s happening in a movie theater.

5. Your Job Opportunities Will Increase In Value.

With the increasing demand for English speakers, many companies will hire people with excellent communication skills and a high level of English proficiency. 

This is especially true when working at international companies or overseas branches.

The higher your fluency level, the more opportunities there will be for you to work overseas, get promoted within your current company, or increase salary packages. 

6. Learning English Gives You Access To More Information.

You may find yourself asking, “Why is learning English important?

Knowing English opens up a whole of possibilities for you, plain and simple. 

As the language of the internet and academia, English allows you to read more books and scientific papers published in English, giving you more choices and knowledge about your favorite topics, from astronomy to economics!

7. You Can Boost Your Brain Power.

Learning a second language is a great way to exercise and challenge your brain. 

It helps you develop better memory skills, concentration, and the ability to understand other people’s thought processes by giving you a greater understanding of sentence structure, word choice, and grammar (and yes, there are rules).

In this TED video, cognitive scientist Lera Boroditsky explains how language shapes our thoughts. She uses some fun examples of different languages. If you are interested, check it out now.

English is the best place to start if you want to be a polyglot. Learning English also helps you pick up other languages more easily.

8. Learning English Can Help You Meet Interesting People.

You don’t have to be a wealthy business person, celebrity, or athlete to meet interesting people. 

The world is your oyster when you can speak English.

English is a global language, and it’s spoken in 67 different countries and 27 non-sovereign entities around the world. 

So the more you practice speaking it, the better your chances of meeting some interesting people.

You could be in a restaurant and strike up a conversation with someone from France, or you could find yourself at a party and talk to someone from Japan. 

And sometimes, these conversations can go on for hours. That’s great. You’ll learn new words, get practice with your pronunciation, and maybe even make friends!

9. Learning English Can Help Boost Your Confidence.

Did you know that confidence is one of the most critical factors in success?

Learning English will help boost your confidence in many ways. 

Firstly, it will help improve your communication skills so that even if you aren’t fluent yet, people will still find it easier to understand what you’re saying and respond positively to it. This can make a huge difference when you go out into the world and meet new people or attend important meetings with clients or colleagues.

Secondly, learning to speak English confidently can also lead directly to feeling more confident about other areas of life, like parties or family gatherings where everyone else speaks only English around them. Or even just being able to converse confidently with other people during everyday interactions, such as asking for directions on public transport.

Thirdly, it also helps with job interviews. Whether you are applying for a management position or something else entirely different, having strong English skills will give employers an idea of how dedicated and hardworking an employee they could hire from overseas territories like South Korea or India.

10. Learning English Is An Important Step In Personal Growth.

Learning English is like learning about yourself; it can lead to a new way of thinking about the world.

Knowing how to speak English makes you more open-minded and tolerant of different cultures, which will also help develop a deeper understanding of your own cultural identity.

Bonus: Learning English Can Help You Move To An English-Speaking Country. 

You might be one of those people who has been planning on moving to Australia or New Zealand. 

Or perhaps your heart’s set on Canada or any other English-speaking country.

If that’s the case, then you better learn English. 

Not only will it be an excellent way to assimilate into your new home country, but having good English skills will also help with finding employment and getting around town.

How To Learn English

Many people think learning English is hard because it doesn’t come naturally. 

It’s a foreign language to their native tongue, but with diligence and determination, anyone can learn it. 

However, it’s important to know that learning English is not a one-size-fits-all process. 

What works for your neighbor might not work for you, and vice versa. 

You may find it easier to learn English online or listen to audiobooks. Or you can watch movies and TV shows if you want something fun but less challenging than reading a book. 

The key here is to find the best way for you and get started as soon as possible—each day counts towards improving your language skills.

Why English Is Important In Our Life 

Learning English is important. 

It’s a critical skill that will help you in all areas of your life, whether you’re seeking employment, pursuing higher education, or simply trying to understand the world around you. 

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