Future continuous tense

Future Continuous Tense: Definition, Rules, Examples, And Worksheet

What is the future continuous tense?

What is the future continuous tense used for?

When should we use it?

In this article, we will answer these questions.

Future Continuous Tense

The future continuous tense is used to talk about future actions that will be in progress at a particular point in the future. It’s also called future progressive tense.

For example, I will be working when you call me.

Future Continuous Tense Formula

Positive FormNegative FormInterrogative Form
Subject + will + be + verb-ing (present participle)Subject + will + not + be + verb-ing (present participle)Will + subject + be + verb-ing? (present participle)
You’ll be sleeping when I get home.You won’t be sleeping when I get home.Will you be sleeping when I get home?

Examples Of Future Continuous Tense

1. She’ll be working late tonight.

2. We’ll be eating dinner when you get here. 

3. She will be sleeping in her bed when you call her tomorrow morning.

4. He’ll be sending out emails tomorrow.

5. I won’t be waiting.

6. He will be washing the dishes while I’m out.

7. Will you be working late tonight?

8. I will be walking my dog in the park.

9. She will be speaking on this topic at the conference next week.

10. I won’t be working tomorrow. 

When To Use Future Continuous Tense

When To Use Future Continuous TenseFuture Continuous Tense Sentences
To describe an action happening during a specific time in the futurewill be studying all night tomorrow.
To describe multiple future actions happening at the same timeWe will be listening to some music while we are working.
To describe a future action interrupted by another actionwill be reading my book when you arrive.
To describe an action that will continue for some time in the futureMy parents are going to New Zealand, so I’ll be staying with my friends for the next month.
To describe an action that will happen as part of a plan or part of a timetableThe meeting will be starting at 10.30 am.

Contraction With Future Continuous Tense

I will = I’ll

You will = You’ll

He/She/It will = He/She/It’ll

We will = We’ll

They will = They’ll

I will not = I won’t

You will not = You won’t

He/She/It will not = He/She/It won’t

We will not = we won’t

They will not = They won’t

Time Expressions with The Future Continuous Tense

The future progressive tense is used with time expressions that refer to the future.

Some common time expressions are:

• tomorrow, next week, next month, next year

• at four o’clock

• in two hours 

• soon

Future Continuous Tense Exercises

Download The Future Continuous Tense Worksheet.

Fill in the blank with the correct form of the future continuous tense.

1. We_________________ (watch) TV for two hours after dinner tonight.

2. We _________________ (not/have) dinner until seven o’clock tonight.

3. She _________________ (finish) her work before lunchtime tomorrow.

4. We _________________ (not/sleep) until midnight tonight because we have a lot of work to do.

5. I _________________ (work) on a farm next summer.

6. When it’s time for the next Olympic Games, I _________________ (swim) in the Olympics.

7. He _________________ (work) when I call him tomorrow morning.

8. I _________________ (write) a letter to my friend when you come in.

9. Jane _________________ (work) on her homework at home tonight.

10. You _________________ (have) dinner with your family in an hour or so.

1. will be watching 2. won’t be having 3. will be finishing 4. won’t be sleeping 5. will be working 6. will be swimming 7. will be working 8. will be writing 9. will be working 10. will be having 

Download The Future Continuous Tense Worksheet.

Future Continuous Tense FAQs

What Is the Future Continuous Tense?

The future continuous tense is a verb tense used to express an action that will be in progress at a certain time in the future.

How Do You Form The Future Continuous Tense?

It’s formed by combining will + be + verb-ing (present participle).

What Are The 10 Examples Of Future Continuous Tense?

1. I will be seeing you tomorrow.
2. I will be washing my car when you arrive.
3. She’ll be talking to her boss tomorrow morning before lunchtime. 
4. My brother will be working at a hotel this summer. 
5. He will be eating dinner at 5 o’clock tonight.
6. She won’t be working here anymore next year because she’s moving to Australia.
7. I’ll be having dinner with my parents tonight.
8. You will be doing homework when your sister arrives home from school.
9. We will be eating dinner when our guests come over for Thanksgiving dinner.
10. They will be working on this project for the next three months.

Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed this guide to the future continuous tense. 

Now go forth and use it well! 

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