Best This or That questions

665+ Funny This Or That Questions For Adults, Teens, Kids, And Couples

Are you ready for some fun? Let’s play a game of “This or That”! 

This game is a great way to get to know your friends or family members better, and it will surely spark some interesting conversations. 

How To Play This Or That

In this game, you’ll be given two options, and you’ll have to choose which one you prefer. 

Some choices will be tough, while others will be easy, but the important thing is to have fun and enjoy the game! 

So, without further ado, let’s get started with some of the best “This or That” questions.

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Best This Or That Questions For Adults 

As adults, we often get caught up in the seriousness of life. “This or That” questions are a great way to let loose and have some fun. 

Here are some great “This or That” questions for adults:

Funny This or That questions
  1. Coffee or tea?
  2. Morning person or night owl?
  3. Beer or wine?
  4. Sweet or salty snacks?
  5. Indoor or outdoor activities?
  6. Massage or hot tub?
  7. Texting or calling?
  8. Fiction or non-fiction books?
  9. Comedy or drama movies?
  10. Pizza or burgers?
  11. Hair accessories or no hair accessories?
  12. Introvert or extrovert?
  13. Country or city living?
  14. Winter or summer?
  15. Ice cream or cake?
  16. Camping or hotel?
  17. Classic or modern art?
  18. Action or romance movies?
  19. Facebook or Instagram?
  20. Game night or movie night?
  21. Baseball or football?
  22. Chocolate or vanilla?
  23. Running or hiking?
  24. Reading or watching TV?
  25. Cross-country skiing or downhill skiing?
  26. Beer pong or flip cup?
  27. Family or friends?
  28. Thriller or horror movies?
  29. Dogs or babies?
  30. Road trip or cruise?
  31. Dancing or singing?
  32. Classic rock or modern pop?
  33. Drawing or painting?
  34. Board games or video games?
  35. Comedy or drama TV shows?
  36. Pie or cake?
  37. Playing sports or watching sports?
  38. Concert or theater show?
  39. Camping or glamping?
  40. Day or night dates?
  41. Long or short hair?
  42. Summer Olympics or Winter Olympics?
  43. Coffee shop or bar?
  44. East Coast or West Coast?
  45. Action or adventure sports?
  46. Sweet or sour candy?
  47. Star Wars or Star Trek?
  48. Night in or night out?
  49. Outgoing or reserved?
  50. IELTS or TOEFL?
  51. Flying or driving?
  52. Country or rock music?
  53. Camping or boating?
  54. Book or movie adaptations?
  55. Guitar or piano?
  56. Takeout or cook at home?
  57. High heels or sneakers?
  58. Romantic or platonic relationships?
  59. Vegetarian or carnivore?
  60. Text message or email?
  61. Comedy or drama theatre shows?
  62. Hiking or biking?
  63. Breakfast or brunch?
  64. Fireworks or bonfires?
  65. Wine or cocktails?
  66. Online shopping or in-store shopping?
  67. Mac or PC?
  68. Comedy or action TV shows?
  69. Staying in or going out of the country?
  70. Christmas lights or Christmas tree?
  71. Sushi or tacos?
  72. Romantic or adventurous getaways?
  73. Yoga or Pilates?
  74. Roller coasters or water slides?
  75. Chocolate or caramel?
  76. Paris or Rome?
  77. Classic or modern literature?
  78. Soft or hard shell tacos?
  79. Running or swimming?
  80. Sunrise or sunset?
  81. Sci-fi or fantasy movies?
  82. Thai or Indian food?
  83. Online or offline gaming?
  84. Basketball or soccer?
  85. English or Spanish?
  86. Scary or funny Halloween costumes?
  87. Pool or beach?
  88. Snowboarding or skiing?
  89. Fiction or non-fiction audiobooks?
  90. Classic or modern cars?
  91. Cookies or brownies?
  92. Ballet or hip hop?
  93. Comedy or drama plays?
  94. Window seat or aisle seat on a plane?
  95. New Year’s Eve party or Halloween party?
  96. Saltwater or freshwater fishing?
  97. Beach volleyball or regular volleyball?
  98. Single or married life?
  99. Western or Eastern hemisphere?
  100. Art or science?

Funny This Or That Questions For Friends

Playing “This or That” with friends is a great way to bond and learn more about each other. Here are some questions to get the conversation started:

  1. Smooth jazz or hard rock?
  2. Going to a comedy club or a poetry reading?
  3. Going to the gym or working out at home?
  4. Book club or writing club?
  5. Ketchup or mustard?
  6. Cheeseburger or veggie burger?
  7. Subway or bus?
  8. Lipstick or lip gloss?
  9. Scrambled or fried eggs?
  10. Handwritten letters or emails?
  11. Fancy restaurant or fast food?
  12. Blue or green?
  13. Circus or zoo?
  14. Shopping or sightseeing?
  15. Tanning or sun protection?
  16. Western or Eastern cuisine?
  17. Binge-watching a TV show or watching movies?
  18. Chinese food or Japanese food?
  19. 80s music or 90s music?
  20. Team sports or individual sports?
  21. Yoga or kickboxing?
  22. Scuba diving or skydiving?
  23. Italian or Mexican food?
  24. Escape room or haunted house?
  25. Selfie or group photo?
  26. Traveling with friends or traveling solo?
  27. Spicy food or sweet food?
  28. Action-packed vacation or relaxing vacation?
  29. Snowman or sandcastle building?
  30. Hot air balloon ride or helicopter tour?
  31. Local restaurant or chain restaurant?
  32. Jigsaw puzzles or crossword puzzles?
  33. Arcade or laser tag?
  34. Day trip or weekend getaway?
  35. Thrift store or department store?
  36. Crossword puzzles or Sudoku?
  37. Scavenger hunt or treasure hunt?
  38. Photography or painting?
  39. Roller coasters or Ferris wheels?
  40. Live theater or movie theater?
  41. Plant-based meal or steakhouse dinner?
  42. Exploring a city on foot or by bike?
  43. Paint and sip or pottery class?
  44. Bonfire or camping stove?
  45. Tennis or golf?
  46. Craft beer or craft cocktails?
  47. Happy hour or brunch?
  48. Cooking competition or cocktail competition?
  49. Drive-in movie or outdoor concert?
  50. Book swap or clothes swap?
  51. Go-kart racing or bumper cars?
  52. Vintage or modern fashion?
  53. Grilled cheese or quesadilla?
  54. Scrabble or Monopoly?
  55. Photography or videography?
  56. Farmers market or grocery store?
  57. Luxury travel or backpacking?
  58. Late-night snack run or early morning workout?
  59. Late-night chats or early-morning texts?
  60. Coffee date or brunch date?
  61. Girls’ night out or night in?
  62. Sleepover or a day trip?
  63. Volunteer work or charity events?
  64. Flower arranging or calligraphy class?
  65. Nintendo or PlayStation?
  66. Bowling or mini-golf?
  67. Potluck dinner or fondue night?
  68. Historical tour or ghost tour?
  69. Rooftop bar or karaoke bar?
  70. Geocaching or hiking?
  71. Farmer’s market or flea market?
  72. Hot pot or Korean BBQ?
  73. Yoga class or meditation class?
  74. Thrill-seeking adventures or peaceful moments at home?
  75. Comedy show or magic show?
  76. Red roses or sunflowers?
  77. Local brewery or vineyard tour?
  78. Mimosas or bloody Marys?
  79. Long walks or long drives?
  80. Champagne or beer?
  81. Fancy dinner or a homemade meal?
  82. Salsa or hip-hop dancing?
  83. Flowers or chocolates?
  84. Sharing a dessert or having your own?
  85. A handwritten love letter or a romantic text?
  86. Sharing hobbies or discovering new ones together?
  87. Personal space or constant togetherness?
  88. Being silly and playful or serious and romantic?
  89. Cuddling on the couch or dancing in the club?
  90. Homemade gifts or store-bought gifts?
  91. Hot chocolate or iced coffee?
  92. Shopping spree or spa day?
  93. Cuddle or kiss?
  94. Country life or city life?
  95. Love letter or love song?
  96. Working hard or playing hard?
  97. Giving a gift or receiving a gift?
  98. Short hair or long hair?
  99. Sleeping in or waking up early?
  100. Bathrobe or pajamas?
  101. Facial mask or peel?
  102. Bath bomb or bubble bath?
  103. Eyelash extensions or falsies?
  104. Hair extensions or natural hair?
  105. Dresses or rompers?
  106. Tote bag or crossbody bag?
  107. Stud earrings or dangling earrings?
  108. Skirts or pants?
  109. Gold or silver jewelry?
  110. Perfume or body spray?
  111. Straight hair or curly hair?
  112. Eye makeup or no makeup?
  113. Manicure or pedicure?
  114. Bracelets or necklaces?
  115. Hair up or hair down?
  116. High heels or flats?
  117. Backpack or suitcase?
  118. Free weights or machines at the gym?
  119. Makeup or natural look?
  120. Sunhat or baseball cap?
  121. High-waisted or low-rise jeans?
  122. Facial mask or exfoliator?
  123. Blush or bronzer?
  124. Leather or denim jacket?
  125. Bikini or one-piece swimsuit?
  126. Hair straightener or curling iron?
  127. Lip balm or lip scrub?
  128. Perfume or scented lotion?
  129. Ponytail or bun?
  130. Lotion or body oil?
  131. Silk or cotton pajamas?
  132. Scented or unscented candles?
  133. Hair ties or hair clips?
  134. Boxers or briefs?
  135. Baseball cap or fedora hat?
  136. T-shirt or button-up shirt?
  137. Beard or clean-shaven?
  138. Cologne or body spray?
  139. Sneakers or dress shoes?
  140. Hat or beanie?
  141. Button-up shirt or t-shirt?
  142. Facial hair or clean-shaven?
  143. Leather or denim jacket?
  144. Backpack or messenger bag?
  145. Watch or smartwatch?
  146. Jeans or chinos?
  147. Running or cross-training shoes?
  148. Trucker hat or snapback?
  149. Aviators or wayfarers?
  150. Leather or nylon wallet?
  151. Pocket square or tie clip?
  152. Muscle shirt or tank top?
  153. Boxer briefs or trunks?
  154. Belt or suspenders?
  155. Tie or bowtie?
  156. Loafers or sneakers?
  157. Cologne or deodorant?

Good This Or That Questions For Kids

Kids love games, and “This or That” is no exception. Here are some “This or That” questions that kids will enjoy:

Good This or That questions for kids
  1. Pizza or spaghetti?
  2. Bikes or scooters?
  3. Cookies or cupcakes?
  4. Cats or dogs?
  5. Summer or winter?
  6. Museums or art galleries?
  7. Beach or pool?
  8. Ice cream or popsicles?
  9. Cartoons or movies?
  10. Reading or coloring?
  11. Trampoline or swings?
  12. Superheroes or princesses?
  13. Camping or hotel?
  14. Playing outside or inside?
  15. Board games or video games?
  16. Drawing or painting?
  17. Bike or rollerblades?
  18. Scary or funny stories?
  19. Tea or juice?
  20. Car or train?
  21. Cheese or pepperoni pizza?
  22. Shoes or sandals?
  23. Red or blue?
  24. Beach ball or soccer ball?
  25. Jigsaw puzzles or Lego?
  26. Cupcake or donut?
  27. Lemonade or iced tea?
  28. Karaoke or talent show?
  29. Math or art?
  30. French fries or onion rings?
  31. Bike or scooter?
  32. Skateboarding or rollerblading?
  33. Dragon or unicorn?
  34. Pirate or princess?
  35. Green or purple?
  36. Swimming or diving?
  37. Chess or checkers?
  38. Popcorn or candy?
  39. Volleyball or badminton?
  40. Spring or fall?
  41. Rock or pop music?
  42. Apples or oranges?
  43. Hot dogs or hamburgers?
  44. Spelling or math bee?
  45. Monopoly or Sorry?
  46. Fishing or hunting?
  47. Watermelon or cantaloupe?
  48. Crocs or flip-flops?
  49. Space or ocean?
  50. Dodgeball or kickball?
  51. Science or history?
  52. Hot chocolate or milkshake?
  53. Bees or butterflies?
  54. Karate or ballet?
  55. Tigers or lions?
  56. Hot dogs or pizza rolls?
  57. Science experiments or art projects?
  58. Baby Shark or Old Town Road?
  59. Hot or cold breakfast?
  60. Pineapple or strawberry?
  61. Music or drama?
  62. Ice cream sundae or banana split?
  63. Basketball or football?
  64. Cheetos or Doritos?
  65. Surfing or windsurfing?
  66. Water park or amusement park?
  67. Juice or smoothie?
  68. Camping or sleepovers?
  69. Pajama party or tea party?
  70. Muffin or bagel?
  71. Goldfish or crackers?
  72. Snakes or spiders?
  73. Sharks or dolphins?
  74. Hot or cold sandwiches?
  75. Apples or grapes?
  76. Swimming or sunbathing?
  77. Mermaids or unicorns?
  78. Chicken nuggets or chicken fingers?
  79. Bike or skateboarding?
  80. Boarding school or regular school?
  81. Soccer or tennis?
  82. Pancakes or waffles?
  83. Super Mario or Sonic?
  84. Butter or jelly on toast?
  85. Transformers or Power Rangers?
  86. Pencils or markers?
  87. Swimming or splashing in the puddles?
  88. Ocean or pool?
  89. Math or reading?
  90. Colorful or plain clothes?
  91. Fiction or non-fiction books?
  92. Minecraft or Roblox?
  93. Snow cones or cotton candy?
  94. Movies or TV shows?
  95. Lemonade stand or bake sale?
  96. Pajamas or clothes?
  97. Building with blocks or playing with dolls?
  98. Library or playground?
  99. Paint or crayons?
  100. Hide and seek or tag?
  101. Play-Doh or slime?
  102. Swing or slide?

This Or That Questions For Teens 

Teens can be hard to please, but “This or That” questions can help break the ice. 

Here are some “This or That” questions that teens will enjoy:

This or That game
  1. Instagram or Snapchat?
  2. Sun or rain?
  3. Star Wars or Harry Potter?
  4. Netflix or YouTube?
  5. Coffee shop or ice cream shop?
  6. Bike or car?
  7. Marvel or DC?
  8. Disney World or Universal Studios?
  9. Instagram or TikTok?
  10. Kayaking or canoeing?
  11. Movies at home or movies in the theater?
  12. Skateboarding or BMX?
  13. Street food or fancy restaurants?
  14. Art museums or science museums?
  15. K-pop or hip-hop?
  16. Shopping or sports?
  17. Beach volleyball or indoor volleyball?
  18. Rock climbing or bouldering?
  19. Reading or writing?
  20. Tea or soda?
  21. Gardening or hiking?
  22. Seafood or BBQ?
  23. Classical or pop music?
  24. Swimming in the pool or the ocean?
  25. Makeup or skincare?
  26. Baking or cooking?
  27. Reality TV or documentaries?
  28. Friends or family?
  29. Mediterranean or Mexican food?
  30. Online or in-person school?
  31. Music or podcasts?
  32. Camping or RV trip?
  33. Classic books or new releases?
  34. Mac and cheese or spaghetti?
  35. Rom-com or thriller?
  36. Streetwear or high fashion?
  37. Comedy club or live music venue?
  38. Jazz or blues music?
  39. Vine or YouTube?
  40. Jogging or cycling?
  41. Classic rock or indie?
  42. Ballet or hip hop?
  43. History or geography?
  44. Cartoons or anime?
  45. Sneakers or boots?
  46. Criminal Minds or NCIS?
  47. Cats or hamsters?
  48. Game console or PC gaming?
  49. High-tops or low-tops?
  50. Indie or mainstream music?
  51. Digital or analog?
  52. iPhone or Samsung?
  53. Stand-up comedy or improv?
  54. Amazon or eBay?
  55. Fruits or vegetables?
  56. Anime or manga?
  57. Hardcovers or paperbacks?
  58. Coffee shop or juice bar?
  59. Board shorts or swim trunks?
  60. Classic literature or modern literature?
  61. Zombies or vampires?
  62. Jeans or leggings?
  63. Spicy or mild food?
  64. Popcorn or chips?
  65. Nike or Adidas?
  66. Apple or Android?
  67. DIY or buy it ready-made?
  68. Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings?
  69. Books or e-books?
  70. Spotify or Apple Music?
  71. Sports car or SUV?
  72. Classic or trendy clothing?
  73. Snapchat filters or Instagram stories?
  74. Video chatting or texting?
  75. Phone or laptop?
  76. High tops or sneakers?
  77. Christmas or Thanksgiving?
  78. Flats or heels?
  79. Staying up late or waking up early?
  80. Romantic or adventurous vacations?
  81. Scary or funny costumes?
  82. Martial arts or yoga?
  83. Chinese or Italian food?
  84. Ice hockey or basketball?
  85. Mountains or deserts?
  86. High school or college?
  87. Warm or cold weather?
  88. Fried or grilled food?
  89. Guitar or drums?
  90. Pasta or rice?
  91. Party games or board games?
  92. Disney movies or Pixar movies?
  93. Sleepover or movie night?
  94. Singing or rapping?
  95. Phone call or FaceTime?
  96. Makeup or no makeup?
  97. Texting or social media?
  98. Gym or outdoor exercise?
  99. School clubs or sports teams?
  100. Lululemon or Under Armour?

This Or That Questions For Students

  1. Online classes or in-person classes?
  2. APA or MLA citation format?
  3. Philosophy or psychology?
  4. Public school or private school?
  5. Laptop or tablet?
  6. Gym class or art class?
  7. Physics or chemistry?
  8. Home-cooked meals or takeout?
  9. Group projects or individual projects?
  10. Math or English?
  11. Geography or social studies?
  12. Lab experiments or research papers?
  13. Extracurricular activities or free time?
  14. Presentations or written reports?
  15. Fast food or a sit-down restaurant?
  16. Debate club or drama club?
  17. Study groups or solo studying?
  18. Music or podcasts during studying?
  19. Public speaking or written communication?
  20. Coffee or energy drinks?
  21. American football or soccer?
  22. Short story or novel?
  23. Competitive or cooperative learning?
  24. Studying abroad or staying local?
  25. Pen and paper or typing?
  26. Foreign language or music?
  27. Online textbooks or physical textbooks?
  28. Biology or psychology?
  29. Art or music?
  30. College or vocational school?
  31. Homework first or leisure activities first?
  32. Exams or essays?
  33. Newspaper or online news?
  34. Internship or research?
  35. Live performances or recorded performances?
  36. Quiet study or background noise?
  37. Business or engineering?
  38. Debate or speech writing?
  39. History of art or contemporary art?
  40. Learn a new language or new instrument?
  41. Pencil or pen?
  42. Theater or cinema?
  43. Multiple-choice tests or essay tests?
  44. Technology or art?
  45. Public transportation or driving?
  46. Romantic literature or dystopian literature?
  47. Health or physical education?
  48. Podcast or audiobook?
  49. Philosophy or religion?
  50. Marine biology or zoology?
  51. Fashion design or graphic design?
  52. Physical education or music?
  53. Professional sports or college sports?
  54. Campus life or off-campus life?
  55. Having a strict schedule or a flexible one?
  56. Literary fiction or genre fiction?
  57. Earth sciences or astronomy?
  58. Organic food or processed food?
  59. Creative writing or journalism?
  60. Online streaming or cable TV?
  61. Psychology or sociology?
  62. Solo travel or group travel?
  63. Speech and debate or model UN?
  64. A cappella or instrumental music?
  65. Asking questions in class or emailing the teacher later?
  66. Programming or web design?
  67. Receiving feedback through grades or verbal comments?
  68. Environmental studies or political science?
  69. Information technology or cyber security?
  70. Yoga or weightlifting?
  71. American Sign Language or Spanish?
  72. Virtual reality or augmented reality?
  73. Food science or nutrition?
  74. Film studies or media studies?
  75. Physical therapy or occupational therapy?
  76. Mindfulness or meditation?
  77. Leadership or teamwork?
  78. Extracurricular activities or part-time jobs?
  79. Critical thinking or memorization?
  80. Paper or digital notes?
  81. Private tutoring or study aids?
  82. Online resources or traditional textbooks?
  83. Study breaks or continuous studying?
  84. Writing or typing?
  85. Multiple choice or essay questions?
  86. School bus or driving to school?
  87. Homework or classwork?
  88. Online quizzes or written exams?
  89. Study group or solo study?
  90. Lecture halls or classrooms?
  91. Taking a gap year or going straight to college?
  92. Taking summer classes or having a summer job?
  93. Attending a large university or a small college?
  94. Joining a fraternity or sorority or staying independent?
  95. Homework right after school or later in the evening?
  96. Google Docs or Microsoft Word?
  97. Open book or closed book exams?
  98. Completing assignments early or procrastinating until the last minute?
  99. Lab coat or safety goggles?
  100. Student center or dorm room hangouts?
  101. Black or blue ink pens?
  102. Student government or student club?

This Or That Questions For Couples

This or That questions for couples
  1. Sweet or savory?
  2. City or country?
  3. Wine or beer?
  4. Red wine or white wine?
  5. Diamond or pearl jewelry?
  6. Cuddling or holding hands?
  7. Thriller or romance novels?
  8. Game night or movie night?
  9. Netflix or Hulu?
  10. Bath or shower?
  11. Rain or snow?
  12. Surprise gift or heartfelt letter?
  13. Rock climbing or zip lining?
  14. Spontaneous road trip or planned vacation?
  15. Suit or tuxedo?
  16. Dress or gown?
  17. Flowers or chocolates?
  18. Music or silence?
  19. Ice cream cone or milkshake?
  20. Breakfast in bed or brunch at a fancy restaurant?
  21. French or Italian cuisine?
  22. Watching sports or playing sports?
  23. Beach vacation or ski vacation?
  24. Action or romantic comedies?
  25. Flowers or plants?
  26. Breakfast for dinner or dinner for breakfast?
  27. Staycation or vacation?
  28. Wine tasting or brewery hopping?
  29. Traveling by plane or by car?
  30. Pool or hot tub?
  31. Steak or seafood?
  32. Art museum or history museum?
  33. Ice skating or roller skating?
  34. Rock or country music?
  35. Handwritten letter or email?
  36. Surfing or snowboarding?
  37. Train or bus?
  38. Movie theater or drive-in?
  39. Pizza or sushi?
  40. Polaroids or digital photos?
  41. Arcade or carnival games?
  42. Skinny dipping or night swimming?
  43. Board games or card games?
  44. Ice cream or frozen yogurt?
  45. Horseback riding or ATV riding?
  46. Dancing lessons or cooking lessons?
  47. Casual or fine dining?
  48. Kayaking or paddleboarding?
  49. Skiing or snowshoeing?
  50. DIY project or hiring a professional?
  51. TV show binge or book marathon?
  52. Ferris wheel or roller coaster?
  53. Train ride or hot air balloon ride?
  54. Spicy or mild food?
  55. Art house or blockbuster movies?
  56. Chocolate or gummies?
  57. Country or city wedding?
  58. Beach wedding or winter wedding?
  59. Wine and cheese or cocktails and appetizers?
  60. Lake or river?
  61. Cooking competition or trivia night?
  62. Zoo or aquarium?
  63. Classic or modern cars?
  64. City skyline or countryside views?
  65. Breakfast or lunch?
  66. Snorkeling or scuba diving?
  67. Antique shopping or thrift store shopping?
  68. Spa day or adventure day?
  69. Tea or hot cocoa?
  70. Trampoline park or indoor rock climbing?
  71. Romantic dinner or surprise date?
  72. Titanic or The Notebook?
  73. Haunted house or escape room?
  74. Opera or ballet?
  75. Pottery class or painting class?
  76. Biking or walking?
  77. Sunrise hike or sunset picnic?
  78. Roller coaster or water slide?
  79. Concert or music festival?
  80. Tacos or burritos?
  81. Karaoke or stand-up comedy?
  82. Stand-up paddleboarding or canoeing?
  83. Karaoke or dance party?
  84. Game night or karaoke night?
  85. Public displays of affection or private moments?
  86. Cooking together or cooking separately?
  87. Superpower: invisibility or flying?
  88. Slow dance or dance-off?
  89. Recreating the first date or trying something new?
  90. Slow dance or fast dance?
  91. Candlelit bath or massage?
  92. Love notes or love texts?
  93. Sunrise or moonlit walks?
  94. Soft whispers or gentle touches?
  95. Sharing a scarf or wearing matching outfits?
  96. Kiss on the forehead or on the cheek?
  97. Holding hands or cuddling?
  98. Morning coffee together or evening tea together?
  99. Holding the door open or pulling out the chair for your partner?
  100. Sharing a blanket or sharing an umbrella?
  101. Cooking together or ordering takeout?
  102. Holding hands or hugging from behind?
  103. Foot massage or back massage?
  104. Sharing secrets or sharing dreams?

This Or That Questions: FAQ

What Are This Or That Questions?

“This or That” questions are a game where a player is presented with two options and must choose between them. 

These questions can be silly, thought-provoking, or anything in between. It’s a fun way to get to know someone’s preferences and personality.

What Are Some Good This Or That Questions?

Here are some examples of good “This or That” questions to get you started:
1.     Dogs or cats?
2.     Summer or winter?
3.     Coffee or tea?
4.     Morning or night?
5.     Books or movies?
6.     Beach or mountains?
7.     Pizza or burgers?
8.     Sweet or salty?
9.     Fiction or non-fiction?
10.  Facebook or Instagram?
These are just a few examples of the many “This or That” questions out there. The possibilities are endless, and you can tailor the questions to your audience or the occasion.

Wrapping Up

That was fun, wasn’t it? 

I hope you enjoyed playing “This or That” as much as I did! 

These questions are just the tip of the iceberg, and there are so many more options to choose from. 

So why not try making your own list of questions and see where the game takes you? 

Don’t forget to share this game with your friends and family so they can join in on the fun too. 

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Until next time, keep playing and stay curious!

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