Most common text abbreviations

609+ Most Popular Text Abbreviations and What They Mean (2023)

Ever texted or received a text message with some abbreviations and wondered what they meant?

What does IK mean in texting abbreviations? What does MK mean? Or what does SMH mean in texting abbreviations?

It could be hard to catch all the abbreviations you and your friend use.

Don’t worry; you are NOT alone.

To help make your texting more enjoyable and meaningful, here is a full list of English text abbreviations and their meanings. It includes a list of the most popular texting abbreviations for business workers, chat abbreviations for teenagers, romantic text abbreviations for lovers, and more.

This list of text abbreviations is a great handy tool for communicating with your friends, family, coworkers, classmates, or even strangers. Don’t forget to bookmark this page so that you can check it whenever some text abbreviations confuse you.

What Do Text Abbreviations Mean?

Text abbreviations are words or phrases that are shortened to make it easier to communicate with others.

When texting, you can use text abbreviations instead of typing out each letter or word, which makes things faster and easier to read.

You can use abbreviations in your texts and messages, including acronyms and emoticons.

Why Do We Need To Abbreviate?

Texting is a great way to communicate quickly, especially when you’re busy! But who has time to type out long words and letters? That’s where texting abbreviations play a role.

Texting abbreviations are also helpful in expressing ideas when there isn’t enough room to use regular letters, as is often found in social media.

You might also use text abbreviations when writing on a smartphone because it’s challenging to type with one hand.

All Text Abbreviations

Texting abbreviations are getting increasingly popular worldwide with the growing number of mobile users. We always use abbreviations in texting, chats, and emails without even realizing it. And frankly, we would all benefit from being a bit more aware.

Some abbreviations, like LOL, are so common that they are known virtually everywhere, while others are much more regional.

Most Used Text Abbreviations List

Below are the most common text abbreviations.

LOL: laughing out loud

OMG: oh my god (or oh my gosh)

IMO: in my opinion

IMHO: in my humble opinion

BTW: by the way

IDK: I don’t know

LMK: let me know

TBH: to be honest

TGIF: thank goodness it’s Friday

ROFL: rolling on floor laughing

BRB: be right back

BBL: be back later

TTYL: talk to you later

THX: thanks

TY: thank you

YW: you’re welcome

ASAP: as soon as possible

POV: point of view

BYOB: bring your own beer

CU: see you

UR: you are

FYI: for your information

JMO: just my opinion

NVM: never mind

GL: good luck

FWIW: for what it’s worth

GBU: god bless you

ICYMI: in case you missed it

NBD: no big deal

OMW: on my way

DIY: do it yourself

AKA: also known as

PLZ: please

RUOK: are you okay

SPK: speak

SRY: sorry

SUP: what’s up

TTFN: ta ta for now

VN: very nice

Y?: why?

JK: Just kidding

BC: because

B4: before

IRL: in real life

TMI: too much information

ATM: at the moment

BFF: best friends forever

CYA: see ya

NP: no problem

TBF: to be frank

DKDC: don’t know, don’t care

IDC: I don’t care

K: okay

RN: right now

OTOH: on the other hand

SMH: shaking my head

100 Text Abbreviations

OTT: over the top

NE1: anyone

SMS: short message service

ABD: already been done

BOT: back on topic

BG: big grin

BFFN: best friend for now

AND: any day now

AAF: as a friend

GR8: great

BHL8: be home late

BBIAM: be back in a minute

ISO: in search of

ASL: age, sex, location

BN: bad news

IYKYK: if you know you know

ADR: address

SRSLY: seriously

IMNSHO: in my not-so-humble opinion

AAR: at any rate

GG: good game

CMB: call me back

4AO: for adults only

AYDY: are you done yet

CWYL: chat with you later

GOI: get over it

DUR: do you remember

AYMM: are you my mother

F2F or FTF: face to face

H8: hate

BFAW: best friend at work

JIC: just in case

BFD: big freaking deal

JW: just wondering

FISH: first in, still here

OG: original gangsters

TNTL: trying not to laugh

CYO: see you online

BBBG: bye bye be good

BYOC: bring your own computer

ZZZ: sleeping, bored, tired

DWBH: don’t worry, be happy

AAYF: as always, your friend

IFYP: I feel your pain

BAE: before anyone else

B4N: bye for now

TMRW: tomorrow

SERP: search engine results page

121: one-to-one

AMBW: all my best wishes

FITB: fill in the blank

2NITE: tonight

W/E: whatever

PPL: people

EF4T: effort

AYT: are you there

TIME: tears in my eyes

SSDD: same stuff, different day

J4F: just for fun

CMIIW: correct me if I’m wrong

FTL: for the loss

ABT: about

WYD: what are you doing

MMS: multimedia messaging service

ADIH: another day in hell

LMAO: laughing my a** off

NGL: not gonna lie

IKR: I know, right

AYSOS: are you stupid or something

BOL: be on later

TW: trigger warning

L8R: later

E1: everyone

SOV: share of voice

IYKWIM: if you know what I mean

CYE: check your email

BGWM: be gentle with me

EOD: end of discussion

BT: but

JSYK: just so you know

4EAE: forever and ever

2day: today

YGTR: you got that right

BRO: brother

DAE: does anyone else

SUS: suspicious

OATUS: on a totally unrelated subject

OMDB: over my dead body

GRATZ: congratulations

B@U: back at you

NTH: nice to have

YNK: you never know

2M2H: too much to handle

BCNU: be seeing you

GMTA: great minds think alike

WYSIWYG: what you see is what you get

OFC: of course

CWOT: complete waste of time

CUA: see you around

GTG/G2G: got to go

Popular Text Abbreviations (Part 1)

What are popular abbreviations for texting? The list below will help.

HW: homework

VAT: value-added tax

KISS: keep it simple, stupid

WKND: weekend

TYFYC: thank you for your comment

LTNS: long time no see

FYEO: for your eyes only

MM: Music Monday

FWB: friend with benefits

NTS: note to self

GAS: greetings and salutations

TFH: thread from hell

GBU: god bless you

NM: not much

HT: heard through

HMB: hit me back

WEG: wicked evil grin

HOAS: hold on a second

MGMT: management

SITD: still in the dark

WITP: what is the point

GA: go ahead

RYS: are you single

VSF: very sad face

TCB: take care of business

LI: LinkedIn

ADL: all day long

AEAE: and ever and ever

AFS: always, forever, and seriously

XLNT: excellent

MSM: mainstream media

SIS: sister

RAK: random act of kindness

HAGN: have a good night

YCMU: you crack me up

HAG1: have a good one

GTSY: great to see you

HAND: have a nice day

RTM: read the manual

YGM: you’ve got mail

LYLAS: love you like a sister

GRL: girl

GLHF: good luck, have fun

SOL: sooner or later

G4C: going for coffee

YWSYLS: you win some, you lose some

GAC: get a clue

SBY: somebody

RIP: rest in peace

OT: off-topic

NOYB: none of your business

STBY: sucks to be you

OTB: off to bed

TIAD: tomorrow is another day

AAMOI: as a matter of interest

ADHD: Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

AFL: Australian Football League

DFTBA: don’t forget to be awesome

Popular Text Abbreviations (Part 2)

FYK: for your knowledge

AOD: all of day

NBT: nothing but trouble

NF: not funny

STY: same to you

DMI: don’t mention it

PBQ: please be quiet

TTO: time to own

NNTO: no need to open

TBU: to be updated

OY: oh yeah

TC: take care

FYA: for your amusement

FYM: free your mind

GOOML: get out of my life

IAU: I adore you

VC: voice chat

WAL: what a loser

APN: as per normal

PBP: please be patient

AISB: as I said before

LIG: let it go

ICAY: I care about you

LML: love my life

WAS: wait and see

NBSB: no boyfriend since birth

WR: warm regards

BDOML: best day of my life

FYE: for your entertainment

NW: no way

AJ: apple juice

TBT: truth be told

NBTW: now back to work

GJ: good job

NTK: need to know

AIO: all in one

NMF: not my fault

PA: personal assistant

TBYS: think before you speak

AI: artificial intelligence

TBSS: too bad, so sad

NDI: neither do I

NC: no comment

AIYC: as if you care

YTO: you’re the one

OTR: on the run

PAYG: pay as you go

LHYW: like hell you will

AIGF: all in good fun

WPM: words per minute

Funny Texting Abbreviations

ADAD: another day, another dollar

.02: my (or your) two cents worth

2EZ: too easy

AAP: always a pleasure

BTDT: been there, done that

^5: high five

@TEOTD: at the end of the day

BYTM: better you than me

1NAM: one in a million

NC: Netflix and chill

Romantic Text Abbreviations

There are so many ways to express your love through text messages. These days, a simple “I love you” doesn’t suffice. Instead, we want to say more with less.

Here are some of the most popular text abbreviations for romantic messages.

ILY: I love you

PDA: public display of affection

WCW: Woman Crush Wednesday

DTR: define the relationship

BAE: before anyone else

OTP: one true pairing

LOML: love of my life

XOXO: hugs and kisses

YOLO: you only live once

TLC: tender loving care

FIMH: forever in my heart

IMU: I miss you

AML: all my love

FTBOMH: from the bottom of my heart

LYSM: love you so much

L&R: love and respect

LDR: long-distance relationship

GF: girlfriend

MCM: Man Crush Monday

LTR: longterm relationship

BF: boyfriend

SO: significant other

MU: miss you

HBD: happy birthday

BSAAW: big smile and a wink

WYWH: wish you were here

BCOY: big crush on you

ISLY: I still love you

SWAK: sent with a kiss

1432: I love you too

143: I love you

KOTL: kiss on the lips

Teenage texting Abbreviations

Texting has become the primary means of communication among teenagers. According to Pew Research Center, texts are now their most common form of communication, and one in three teens sends more than 100 texts per day, or 3000 texts a month.

Here are some abbreviations you should know so that you can have a better understanding of what your peer is saying.

PM: private message

SOML: story of my life

RLRT: real-life retweet

PRT: please retweet

FB: Facebook

WTPA: where the party at

BWL: bursting with laughter

TBT: Throwback Thursday

C4N: ciao for now

IM: instant message

TIL: today I learned

DM: direct message

RT: retweet

YT: YouTube

*s*: smile

GIAR: give it a rest

DWI: deal with it

GGOH: gotta get outa here

ADED: all day every day

FOMO: fear of missing out

OP: original post

QOTD: quote of the day

FF: Follow Friday

IG: Instagram

QQ: crying

ELI5: explain like I’m 5

TMB: tweet me back

AMA: ask me anything

CSL: can’t stop laughing

SMP: social media platform

FBF: Flashback Friday

OOTD: outfit of the day

C&G: chuckle & grin

*w*: wink

GOML: get on my level

CB: coffee break

GGMSOT: gotta get me some of that

ABFAB: absolutely fabulous

Chat Text Abbreviations

WYCM: will you call me

KIT: keep in touch

MC: Merry Christmas

PCM: please call me

PTMM: please tell me more

IU2U: it’s up to you

WUF: where are you from

MBN: must be nice

PMF: pardon my French

LWO: love won out

SWYP: so what’s your problem

WB: welcome back

TFS: thanks for sharing

TFTI: thanks for the invitation

SIMYC: sorry I missed your call

LOL: lots of love

LOTI: laughing on the inside

NM: not much

MEGO: my eyes glaze over

Business Text Abbreviations

Using the correct abbreviations is important if you’re texting in a business setting. Some abbreviations are common across all industries, while others are specific to certain business areas.

WFH: work from home

AFK: away from keyboard

FYI: for your information

T&C: terms and conditions

FAQ: frequently asked questions

VFM: value for money

OOO: out of office

BOGO: buy one, get one

WYGAM: when you get a minute

FTFY: fixed that for you

BTS: behind the scenes

B2C: business to consumer

TBD: to be determined

TBC: to be confirmed

WDYT: what do you think

TIA: thanks in advance

TBA: to be announced

DND: do not disturb

W/O: without

TLDR: too long, didn’t read

WIP: work in progress

IANAL: I am not a lawyer

AFAIR: as far as I remember

AFAIC: as far as I’m concerned

FAWC: for anyone who cares

OH: overheard

NSFL: not safe for life

SFW: safe for work

GRAS: generally recognized as safe

OC: original content

GAHOY: get a hold of yourself

BUMP: bring up my post

DBMIB: Don’t bother me. I’m busy

BBIAS: be back in a sec

UX: user experience

RCS: rich communication services

CPC: cost per click

CR: conversion rate

ISP: internet service provider

FTP: file transfer protocol

CPA: cost per acquisition/action

PPL: pay per lead

PPV: pay per view

CPL: cost per lead

PR: page rank

CPM: cost per thousand or cost per mile

API: application program interface

KPI: key performance indicator

CLV: customer lifetime value

VPN: virtual private network

ATTN: attention

MTD: month to date

MOM: month over month

FTE: full-time employee

POC: point of contact

QA: quality assurance

AEAP: as early as possible

AWOL: absent without leave

BIB: boss is back

ABC: acceptable business casual

C&P: copy and paste

MYOB: mind your own business

OTP: one-time password

ETA: estimated time of arrival

EMBM: early morning business meeting

ROI: return on investment

BOGOF: buy one, get one free

N/A: not applicable or not available

B2B: business to business

CTA: call to action

LMGTFY: let me Google that for you

HTH: hope this helps

NSFW: not safe for work

COB: close of business

EOD: end of day

CTR: click-through rate

TBD: to be decided

UGC: user-generated content

DSC: dedicated short code

TYVM: thank you very much

YMMV: your mileage may vary

IIRC: if I remember correctly

AFAICT: as far as I can tell

AAMOF: as a matter of fact

CS: career suicide

DWH: during work hours

NAGI: not a good idea

RBTL: read between the lines

AYOR: at your own risk

E123: easy as one, two, three

PTB: please text back

NFS: not for sale

GFN: gone for now

SMB: small/medium business

TOS: terms of service

SEO: search engine optimization

TCPA: telephone consumer protection act

CX: customer experience

GA: Google Analytics

PV: pageviews

CPV: cost per view

RFI: request for information

CRM: customer relationship management

SEM: search engine marketing

CRO: conversion rate optimization

CSS: cascading style sheets

LTV: lifetime value

CMS: content management system

PPC: pay per click

YTD: year to date

PTE: part-time employee

SME: subject matter expert

PTO: paid time off

YOY: year over year

OS: operating system

Re: referring to

ACK: acknowledge

AYEC: at your earliest convenience

BAU: business as usual

Sarcastic Text Abbreviations

TFW: that feeling when

MFW: my face when

MFW: my feeling when

HIFW: how I feel when

MRW: my reaction when

Abbreviations For Texting

WTF: what the f***

STFU: shut the **** up

SNAFU: situation normal, all f*** up

SH: sh** happens

SOL: sh** out of luck

4Q f*** you

AF: as f**k

BIH: b*tch

FBOI: F*** boy

IDGAF: I don’t give a f***

FUBAR: f*** up beyond all recognition

WTH: what the heck

QTC: quick to cum

TDTM: talk dirty to me

FML: f*** my life

PITA: pain in the a**

DTF: down to f***

GTFO: get the f*** out

Texting Abbreviations Parents Should Know

Texting Abbreviations is not just exclusive to teenagers. Adults are also using this abbreviated language, which can be confusing for parents who are not familiar with texting lingo.

Here are some of the most common texting abbreviations that parents need to know.

IWSN: I want sex now

PAH: parent at home

420: marijuana

GNOC: get naked on camera

ORLY: oh, really

LMIRL: let’s meet in real life

RU/18: are you over 18

J/O: jerking off

MMK: mmm…okay

YKTV: you know the vibe

DOC: drug of choice

ALAP: as late as possible

PAW: parents are watching

1174: nude club

FOAF: friend of a friend

RUH: are you horny

SLT: something like that

P&C: private and confidential

MOSS: member(s) of the same sex

NGH: not gonna happen

NMU: not much, you

8: oral sex

11:11: make a wish

MOS: mom over shoulder

LH6: let’s have sex

182: I hate you

YSI: you stupid idiot

FINSTA: fake Instagram account

DYHAB/G: do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend

GYPO: get your pants off

WTTP: want to trade pictures

AITR: adult in the room

RUMORF: are you male or female

KMS/KYS: kill myself/kill yourself

NIFOC: nude in front of a computer

%\: hangover

MPFB: my personal f*** buddy

#-): exhausted, partied all night

XOXOZZZ: hugs, kisses, sweet dreams

KPC: keeping parents clueless

SOBT: stressed out big time

?^: want to hook up

CID: crying in disgrace

PBB: parent behind back

KFY: kiss for you

LSR: loser

CICYHW: can I copy your homework

S2R: send to receive

GAL: get a life

POS: parent over shoulder

PAL: parents are listening

CUNS: see you in school

SOS: someone over shoulder

W00T: hooray

303: mom

ITA/D: I totally agree/disagree

FIMH: forever in my heart

NSA: no strings attached

BYAM: between you and me

99: parent gone

DADT: don’t ask, don’t tell

N00B: newbie

YWIMC: your wish is my command

1174: the meeting place for a party

Text Abbreviations For Seniors

HGBM: had good bowel movement

LMDO: laughing my dentures out

WTF: wet the furniture

WIWYA: when I was your age

TOT: texting on toilet

FYI: for your indigestion

FWIW: forgot where I was

BTW: bring the wheelchair

OMG: ouch, my groin

WAITT: who am I talking to

TTML: talk to me louder

RULKM: are you leaving kids money

JK: just kvetching

OMG: oy, my grandchildren

CBM: covered by medicare

CUATSC: see you at the senior center

GGP: gotta go pee

FYI: found your insulin

OMMR: on my massage recliner

BFF: best friend fell

IMHO: is my hearing-aid on

BMH: broke my hip

ROFL… CGU: rolling on the floor laughing… and can’t get up

GOML: get off my lawn

MGAD: my grandson’s a doctor

BYOT: bring your own teeth

DWI: driving while incontinent

SUS: speak up, Sonny

ATD: at the doctor’s

TGIF: thank goodness it’s four (four o’clock—early bird special)

TTYL: talk to you louder

MILF: meal I’d like to forget

GTG: gotta groan

FTE: false teeth escaped

GHA: got heartburn again

GGLKI: gotta go, laxative kicking in

WWNO: walker wheels need oil

How To Use Text Abbreviations

Abbreviations are an essential part of texting but can also be confusing and misleading. The best text abbreviations are ones that your audience will understand, so it’s important to use them correctly.

Here are a few tips for sending text messages that everyone will understand:

1) Use standard abbreviations sparingly.

2) Don’t use too many different abbreviations in one text message, as your message will be hard to understand. Sticking with common text abbreviations like “LOL” or “BTW” is fine, but don’t go overboard with text slang that only your closest friends would understand.

3) Avoid using slang or abbreviated words in formal situations.
While texting can be casual, remember that it’s not always appropriate for work-related communications. Stay away from using abbreviations that are too informal or casual. It probably won’t work well in a business context if it feels weird when you read it aloud.

Also, avoid using emoticons when communicating business information or asking about work-related tasks; these may seem friendly in person but might come across as unprofessional through text messages.

4) If you want to add a little personality or emotion to your texts, consider adding emojis or GIFs. They can make your text stand out from the crowd. However, these shouldn’t be used in professional emails or other formal correspondence because they can be misinterpreted by recipients who aren’t familiar with them (or have different interpretations).

Final Thoughts On Text Abbreviations

Whether you are an office worker, a student, or perhaps even just another social media user, there’s a high chance that you, just like me, come across text abbreviations on a daily basis, whether you realize it or not.

Now that you know a lot about the abbreviations listed above, it’s time to put that knowledge to good use.

Or, the next time someone sends you a text, and it seems like they’re trying to speak an unknown language, simply whip out your handy-dandy list and decode their abbreviations in no time.

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