IELTS speaking questions part 1

297+ Common IELTS Speaking Questions & Top 65 Topics (Part 1) 2023

You’re getting ready for your IELTS Speaking test but don’t know what types of speaking questions you could be asked in Part 1.

No problem.

Today, we’ll explore the common IELTS speaking questions and recent speaking questions.

IELTS Speaking part 1 takes around 4 to 5 minutes. Before you start, the examiner will ask for your name and check your identity. 

Greeting and identity check: 

  • Good morning.
  • Come in and take a seat.
  • Can you tell me your full name, please?
  • What shall I call you?
  • Can I see your identification, please?
  • Can you tell me where you are from?

Then you’ll be asked about 2-4 topics (around 6-16 questions), depending on the time allowed.

New topics and questions will be updated regularly. Don’t forget to share this page on your favorite social media platform so you can review it anytime.

IELTS Speaking Topics – Part 1

IELTS speaking topics part 1
Study WorkHometown FamilyFlat/House
SingingPuzzlesSnacksSocial MediaPublic Transportation
WritingTechnologyMorning TimeWeather Geography 
Taking PhotosDaily RoutineThe Area You Live InWebsitesLost And Found
Street MarketsEmailDrawing And Art WatchBirthday
Housework And CookingCinemasMobile PhonesCarsMuseums
CelebritiesOnline NewsSwimmingLaughingFavorite Food
Old BuildingsCollecting ThingsBoring ThingsEvening TimeInteracting With Others
Older PeopleTalentMeeting PlacesComputersSitting down

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Common IELTS Speaking Questions – Part 1


  1. Do you work or study?
  2. Where do you study?
  3. Do you prefer to study in the morning or in the evening?
  4. What subject are you studying?
  5. Which part of the course do you enjoy most?
  6.  Is it a difficult subject to study?
  7. What is your favorite subject?
  8. What do you like about your school? 
  9. What are your future study plans?
  10. Why are you taking the IELTS test?


  1. Do you work or study?
  2. What do you do?
  3. What are your responsibilities?
  4. Do you like your job?
  5. Why did you choose to do that type of job?
  6. What do you dislike about your job?
  7. What job would you like to do in the future?
  8. Do you want to work in another country? 


  1. Tell me about your hometown.
  2. How long have you been living there?
  3. Do you like your hometown?
  4. What do you like the most about your country? 
  5. Is there anything you dislike about it?
  6. Do you think you will continue living there for a long time?
  7. Do you often visit your hometown?
  8. Has your hometown changed much since you were a child?
  9. Are there any changes you would like to make in your hometown?
  10. Where would you like to live in your country?


  1. Are you close to your family?
  2. Do you have a large family?
  3. How often do you meet with your family?
  4. Do you want to live with your family in the future?
  5. Who do you talk to the most in your family? 
  6. How has your family influenced you?
  7. Are families becoming more distant in your country?


  1. Do you live in a house or a flat? 
  2. Why do you live in an apartment/house? 
  3. How long have you lived there?
  4. What do you like the most about it? 
  5. What is your favorite room? Why?
  6. Can you describe the view from your windows? 
  7. Do you plan to live there in the future?
  8. What kind of accommodation do you wish to have in the future? 
  9. Can you tell me about your house when you were a child?

Recent IELTS speaking questions

Recent IELTS speaking questions part 1


  1. Do you like singing?
  2. Why do people sing?
  3. Have you ever had singing lessons?
  4. Do you think singing can bring happiness to people?


  1. Do you like puzzles?
  2. What kinds of puzzles do you like best?
  3. Which one is more difficult for you, word or number puzzles?
  4. Do you think it’s good for older people to do puzzles? Why?


  1. What snacks do you like to eat?
  2. Did you often eat snacks when you were young?
  3. When do you usually eat snacks?
  4. Do you think it’s healthy for you to eat snacks?

Social Media

  1. Do you like using social media?
  2. Do you think you or your friends spend too much time using social media?
  3. Would you want to work in social media? Why?
  4. What’s the most popular social media platform in your country?

Public Transportation

  1. What kind of public transport do you usually use?
  2. When do you usually use public transport, in your everyday life or when you’re traveling?
  3. Do most people prefer public transport in your country? 
  4. Did you use public transport when you were a kid?


  1. Do you write a lot?
  2. What do you like to write? Why?
  3. Do you think the things you write would change?
  4. Do you prefer typing or handwriting when you are writing?


  1. What technology do you often use, computers or cell phones?
  2. What electronic devices have you bought lately?
  3. Is technology important in your life?
  4. Is there any technology you don’t like?
  5. What are the benefits of technology? 

Morning Time

  1. Do you like getting up early in the morning?
  2. What do you usually do in the morning?
  3. What did you do in the morning when you were little? Why?
  4. Are there any differences between what you do in the morning now and what you did in the past?
  5. Do you spend your mornings doing the same things on weekends and weekdays? Why?
  6. Do you get up early on weekends?


  1. What kind of weather do you like most?
  2. How do you feel about wet weather?
  3. What’s the weather like in your hometown?
  4. Do you get in the habit of checking the weather forecast? When and how often?


  1. Do you like geography?
  2. Did you study geography at school?
  3. Are you good at reading maps?
  4. What is your favorite type of environment? 

Taking Photos

  1. Do you like taking photos? 
  2. Do you like taking selfies?
  3. What’s your favorite family photo?
  4. Do you want to improve your photography skills?

Common IELTS Speaking Questions – Part 1

Common IELTS speaking questions part 1

Daily Routine

  1. Do you have a daily study routine? 
  2. Have you ever changed your routine?
  3. Is it important to have a daily routine for your study? 
  4. What part of your day do you like best?

The Area You Live In

  1. Do you like the area you live in?
  2. How has your area changed recently?
  3. Do you know any famous people in your area?
  4. Where do you like to go in your area?
  5. Do you like crowded places? Why?


  1. What kinds of websites do you usually use?
  2. Are there any changes to the websites you usually use? 
  3. How can you tell if a website is reliable?

Lost And Found

  1. What will you do if you find something that other people have lost? 
  2. Do you report to the police when finding something like that?
  3. Have you ever lost things?
  4. Will you post on social media if you lose your item?


  1. Do you like looking at yourself in the mirror? 
  2. Have you ever bought mirrors?
  3. Do you usually take a mirror with you?
  4. Would you use mirrors to decorate your room?


  1. Can you remember the dreams you had?
  2. Do you want to make your dreams come true?
  3. Do you share your dreams with others?
  4. Do you think dreams have special meanings?


  1. Does your name have any special meaning?
  2. What kind of name is popular in your country?
  3. Are there many people who have the same name as yours?
  4. Is there any tradition about naming babies?


  1. What is your favorite sport?
  2. When did you learn how to do it?
  3. Did you do some sports when you were young?
  4. Do you think students need more exercise?
  5. Which sports do you enjoy watching on TV?
  6. What is the most popular sport in your country?
  7. Do you watch live sports matches?
  8. Who do you like to watch sports games with?
  9. What kinds of games do you expect to watch in the future?


  1. Do you like science?
  2. What was your favorite scientific subject?
  3. When did you start to learn about science?
  4. Were you good at science when you were in school? 
  5. How do you use science in your life now?
  6. What kinds of interesting things have you done with science?
  7. Do you like watching science-related TV programs?

Street Markets

  1. What do people usually buy on the street markets? 
  2. Why do you think people go to street markets?
  3. Do you prefer to go shopping in the shopping mall or on the street market?


  1. How often do you write an email or a letter? 
  2. When would you send emails to others?
  3. Is sending emails popular in your country?
  4. Do you think sending emails will be more or less popular in the future?

Drawing And Art 

  1. Do you like drawing?
  2. Do you like art?
  3. Have you ever visited an art gallery?
  4. Is there any artwork in your room?
  5. Do you want to learn more about art?
  6. Did you learn drawing when you were a kid?


  1. Do you wear a watch?
  2. Have you ever got a watch as a gift?
  3. Why do some people wear expensive watches? 
  4. Do you think it is important to wear a watch?
  5. What is the difference between traditional watches and smart watches?


  1. What do you usually do on your birthdays?
  2. What did you do on your birthday when you were young?
  3. Do you think it is important for you to celebrate your birthday?
  4. Whose birthday do you think is the most important to celebrate in your country?
  5. Do you receive lots of gifts on your birthday?

Housework And Cooking

  1. Do you do some cooking/help your family cook at home now?
  2. Did you do some house cleaning when you were young?
  3. Do you have breakfast at home every day?
  4. Do you want to learn how to cook well?
  5. Who usually cooks in your family?


  1. Did you usually go to the cinema when you were a kid? 
  2. Do you usually go to the cinema with your friends?
  3. Do you still like watching movies you liked when you were a kid? 
  4. Do you prefer watching movies at home or at the cinema?

Mobile Phones

  1. What was your first mobile phone? 
  2. What do you often use it for?
  3. Will you buy a new phone in the future?
  4. How has your mobile phone changed your life?


  1. Did you enjoy traveling by car when you were a kid? 
  2. What types of cars do you like?
  3. Do you prefer to be a driver or a passenger?
  4. What do you usually do when there is a traffic jam?


  1. Have you ever been to a museum?
  2. Did your parents take you to museums when you were a child? 
  3. Are museums common in your country?


  1. Do you make plans every day? 
  2. Is it easy to manage time?
  3. Do you think it’s helpful to plan your time? 
  4. Do you like being busy?
  5. Are you ever late for anything?
  6. Do you think children should learn to manage time? 
  7. Do you think most people can manage their time well?


  1. Do you enjoy reading?
  2. What kinds of books do you like? 
  3. Do you have a favorite author?
  4. Have you ever read a novel that has been adapted into a film?
  5. Which one do you prefer, reading books or watching movies?
  6. Is reading a popular pastime in your country?


  1. Are you interested in watching TV advertisements or internet advertisements?
  2. What kinds of ads do you dislike?
  3. Do you share advertisements with others?
  4. Do you want to work in advertising in the future?


  1. Do you own a bicycle?
  2. When was the last time you went cycling?
  3. Is cycling dangerous in your country? 
  4. Would you ever take a long cycling trip?


  1. What do you usually shop for? 
  2. Do you often go to malls?
  3. Do you shop online a lot?
  4. How popular are shopping centers in your country?


  1. Do you prefer to drink coffee or tea? 
  2. How do you like to drink your coffee?
  3. Is coffee a popular drink in your country? 
  4. When was the last time you had some coffee?


  1. Do you live in a noisy area?
  2. Would you like to live in a quieter place?
  3. Where are the noisiest places in your country?


  1. Are there many airlines in your country? 
  2. Have you ever flown anywhere?
  3. Where would you like to fly? 
  4. Are you scared of flying?


  1. Do you like driving?
  2. Where was the last place you drove? 
  3. Where do you like to sit in a car?
  4. Is driving common in your country?


  1. Did you like your school when you were a child? 
  2. What did you learn about?
  3. Did you have a favorite teacher?


  1. Do you work in an office?
  2. Is it common for people to work in an office in your country? 
  3. Where do most of your friends work?
  4. Would you like to design your office?


  1. Have you ever lived in a city?
  2. What do you enjoy most about living in the city? 
  3. Which city would you like to live in in the future? 
  4. Do most people live in cities in your country?


  1. What was your favorite animal when you were a child?
  2. Do people in your country keep pets?
  3. What kind of pet would you not like to have?


  1. Did you like to go outdoors when you were young? 
  2. Do you still go outdoors a lot?
  3. Do you like reading outside?


  1. Do you often write down notes?
  2. Do you make a lot of lists on your phone? 
  3. When do you usually make notes?
  4. Is it common for people to write notes in your country?


  1. Do you know any celebrities?
  2. Are there any celebrities you would like to meet? 
  3. Who is the most famous person in your country?

Online News

  1. Do you often read the news online? 
  2. Is it convenient to read online news?
  3. What was the last article you read about?
  4. Do you still read newspapers?


  1. Do you like swimming?
  2. How often do you go swimming? 
  3. When did you learn how to swim? 
  4. Will you swim a lot in the future?


  1. Can you tell jokes?
  2. Do you think laughing is important?
  3. What kinds of funny shows are popular in your country?

Favorite Food

  1. What is your favorite food?
  2. What was your favorite food when you were a child?
  3. What food is becoming more popular in your country? 
  4. What food do you dislike?

Old Buildings

  1. Have you ever seen some old buildings in the city?
  2. Do you think we should preserve old buildings in cities?
  3. Do you prefer living in an old building or a modern house?
  4. Are there any old buildings you want to see? Why?

Collecting Things

  1. Do you collect things?
  2. Where do you usually keep things you need?
  3. What kinds of things do people often like collecting?
  4.  Why do you think people collect certain objects?

Boring Things

  1. What kinds of things are boring to you?
  2. What will you do when you feel bored?
  3. What was the most boring thing you did when you were young?
  4. Do you think school is boring?

Evening Time

  1. Do you like mornings or evenings?
  2. What do you usually do in the evening?
  3. What did you do in the evening when you were a child? Why?
  4. Are there any differences between what you do in the evening now and what you did in the past?

Interacting With Others

  1. Do you like talking to strangers?
  2. What was the last conversation you had? 
  3. Do you discuss politics with your friends? 

Older People

  1. Do you know a lot of older people?
  2. How often do you talk with your grandparents?
  3. Do you think people get happier as they get older? 


  1. Do you have a talent or something you are good at?
  2. Was it mastered recently or when you were young?
  3. Do you think your talent can be helpful for your career?

Meeting Places

  1. Where is your favorite place to meet your friends?
  2. Are there some places more suitable for meeting people?
  3. Why are some meeting places better than others?


  1. In what conditions would you use a computer?
  2. When was the first time you used a computer?
  3. What would your life be like without computers?
  4. In what situations would it be difficult for you to use a computer?

Sitting down

  1. Where is your favorite place to sit?
  2. Do you always sit down for a long time?
  3. Do you feel sleepy when you are sitting down?
  4. Did you usually sit on the floor when you were a child?


What Are The Common Topics In IELTS Speaking Part 1?

The most common IELTS Speaking topics include family, hometown, work, study, hobbies, and accommodation.

How Long Should The IELTS Speaking Part 1 Answer Be?

It depends on your speed, knowledge of the topic, and how well you can answer the question. If your answer is too short (like only one sentence), the examiner won’t have enough information to evaluate you. Generally, 2 to 4 sentences for each question is a good range. 

How Much Time Is Allotted For IELTS Speaking Part 1?

IELTS Speaking part 1 usually takes about 4-5 minutes.

Can I Choose My Speaking Questions In Part 1?

No. You can’t pick your topics and questions as all the topics and questions are already written in the booklet.

Do IELTS Speaking Topics Repeat?

It depends. The IELTS speaking test contains a wide range of topics and questions. And the script list gets updated every 3 or 4 months. If you practice the recent IELTS speaking questions and common speaking questions before the test, you might get the same or similar topics. 

How To Prepare For IELTS Speaking Part 1

Here are some tips on how to succeed in IELTS speaking test part 1:

  • Answer all the questions.
  • Speak clearly and listen carefully to the examiner’s questions.
  • Get to the point first and then expand your answer.
  • Practice the common speaking questions and recent IELTS speaking questions.

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