IELTS speaking part 2 questions and answers

IELTS Speaking Part 2 Questions And Answers

IELTS Speaking Part 2 Questions And Answers

Describe a person who you follow on social media 

You should say: 

  • who he or she is
  • how you know him or her 
  • what he or she posts on social media 

and explain why you follow him or her on social media 

I follow many people on Instagram, but my favorite person is Jane. She is a fitness instructor and very active on social media. She has over 6,000 followers on Instagram, and I am one of them. I have been following her for six months.

She always posts pictures of her workouts and healthy meals. Her Instagram account also contains motivational quotes and images that help me keep going when I feel low or unmotivated about my fitness goals. She motivates me to work out because she makes it fun by posting pictures of herself doing different activities, like hiking or going on walks with her dog.

I love following her because she inspires me to be the best version of myself. She shows me that it is possible to achieve what you want if you put in the hard work and dedication required. She also shows me that you can still be happy and enjoy life even when things get tough.

Jane is also very friendly with her fans, so if you comment on one of her pictures or videos, she will reply as soon as possible. I also like how she posts photos of herself wearing different outfits so I can get ideas on what to wear if I go shopping with friends or family members.

Describe an item of clothing that someone gave you 

You should say: 

  • what the clothing was 
  • who gave it to you 
  • when you got it 

and explain why this person gave you the clothing 

I’d like to talk about my black leather jacket. It’s a birthday gift from my best friend. I am delighted with the present because I have always wanted one. My friend knows this because we often talk about our favorite items of clothing when we meet up at weekends, so she thoughtfully chose something that would make me happy while still being practical enough for everyday use.

It’s made from calfskin leather which is thick and tough, making it ideal for keeping me warm in the wintertime. It has two large pockets on either side of the chest area, which is perfect for carrying small items like keys or money. My favorite part about this jacket is its small silver buttons all along the front that look stylish and elegant.

I like wearing my leather jacket when going out with friends on Friday nights. It looks good with jeans or trousers and makes me feel confident. The quality of this leather jacket is excellent, and I can tell that it will last for years to come if properly cared for.

Describe something in your house that was broken and then repaired

You should say: 

  • what it was 
  • what happened 
  • how you got it repaired 

and explain how you felt about it 

My washing machine was broken when I was doing the laundry last week. It started making strange noises when it was turned on. On top of that, the water did not flow into the machine, and then it stopped working altogether. I was frustrated because I had to wash my clothes by hand that day with a tight schedule. 

At first, I thought that there was something wrong with the electricity. But it wasn’t the issue. Then I called a technician. He told me the motor had gone bad and would need to be replaced, but it would cost me more than $500.

I didn’t want to spend so much on this repair, so I tried another company for help. They agreed to fix my washing machine at a lower price. The next day, they fixed the problem, and everything was back to normal! 

I am happy with their service because they were able to fix my problem quickly and cheaply without any hard work from my side.

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